Zojirushi SE Asia Corporation Ltd. (hereinafter called “the Company”) is an entity who is respectful management on the privacy information. We realize that the appropriate personal information management to be our essential responsibilities by the principle management as follows;

Personal Information Collection

Personal Information Collection from customers, the company shall specify the purpose of information usage as much as possible and collect personal information as necessary by the fairness and the appropriation.

Purpose of Personal Information Usage

The company will collect the personal information necessary to conduct the business of manufacturing and selling products such as household appliances. Household electrical appliances Equipment used in industry, etc. However, such personal data will be used to the extend necessary and achieve the purpose of using the information specified below. It also covers the purpose of use specified on other pages of the website.

  • To support product distribution, such as, quality control and maintenance or after sale service.
  • To provide advice or answer queries regarding the products.
  • To notify new service, new products, or delivery of catalogue.
  • To survey, prepare enquiry form about plan and manual of the products of services.
  • To use with intangible report (for example, statistic documents).
  • To deliver a reward, to announce the result of campaign, contest, quiz.
  • To handle other activities relating to other tasks.

The personal information collected by the company prior to the effective date of new data protection act dated May 27, 2020 will be stored in a data base for further use.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Party

(1)The company shall not disclose or distribute the information to the third party, unless under the following circumstances:

  • The consent from information owner
  • The information owner cannot be identified or confirmed.
  • The extent of information being disclosed is at the minimum and only necessary for another contracting company whose binding by non-disclosure agreement to complete their responsibility which is in compliance with the purpose under Clause 2: Purpose of the use of personal information.
  • Disclosing necessary information according to the instruction of authority, judiciary organization, or applicable laws

(2)To comply with the objective under Clause 2: the purpose of personal information usage: the company may use personal information obtained from the client or relating company. Providing that not all personal information will be shared with the subsidiary company. Extent of information disclosure will be at the minimum necessary only within the objective of information usage.

Personal information to be disclosed and used name, address, telephone number, email, company name, purchase history, repair history, details of inquiry, details of inquired information or subject.
The person entitled to receive and use this information ZOJIRUSHI CORPORATION
Purpose of personal information usage According to Clause No. 2: the purpose of personal information usage
Joint responsible person for information use ZOJIRUSHI CORPORATION

Control of Personal Information

The company has a designated department to control personal information and will exercise the best practice in controlling personal information in the most proper way. In addition, the company will improve security system and prevent unauthorized access to the information from the outsider of loss, damaged, modification, fabricated and leak of information, etc.

Request Procedure, such as, disclosure of personal information.

The company has determined the request procedure in case of personal information disclosure to the outside (hereinafter referred to as “Information Disclosure”) under the Privacy Protection Act as follows:

(1)Filing a request, such as, information disclosure:
In case it is necessary to disclose a personal information, please send the request to communication channel given by the customer. In case of any questions regarding many communication channel, please reach to us via Contact Us link in the website of the company or request the company to get in touch via “inquiry on personal information”

Zojirushi SE Asia Corporation Ltd., HR&GA Division :
TEL_ 66-2741-4818
Address: 4th Floor, Saha-Union Building, 1828 Sukhumvit Road, Phrakanong Tai Phrakanong, Bangkok 10260

[Guideline of the Answers]

The company shall reply the inquiry by email or telephone. Please note that the company may need to ask additional questions for identity confirmation.

[Purpose of personal information usage after disclosure, such as, disclosure of information]

Personal information obtained from the above request, such as, personal information disclosure, must be used at the minimum extent within the scope of request under the proper measure to maintain and abolish such personal information.


The company may not disclose the information in the following subjects. The company will declare pertaining reason after an internal resolution not to disclose such information is made.

  • The company does not possess personal information being requested or cannot identify personal information of the relevant person.
  • The personal information being requested for disclosure is not related to the personal information of the person at possession of the company.
  • In case it is likely to have a clear obstruction to the proper operation of the company.(※)
  • Permission under other relevant legislations.

※ Propriety personal information is personal information that the company has rights to manage, such as, disclosing and possessing for more than six months.

This request procedure, such as, disclosure of personal information can be revised as appropriate to protect personal information or in accordance to the relevant law. Please review the latest update prior to filing a request.

• Communication channel on personal information:
In case of further inquiries regarding personal information, please contact us at:

Zojirushi SE Asia Corporation Ltd., HR&GA Division : TEL_ 06-2741-4818

Disclaimer: The company shall at any times reserve the right to revise the above terms and conditions as deemed appropriate and to be in line with relevant data protection laws and/or legislations applicable to particular jurisdiction this policy is adopted.